27 April 2006

Entireweb not displaying free submissions

Submissions made in May 2005 are still not showing, so it seems pointless to fill out a free submission to Entireweb. Of course, their paid service works fine on Entireweb itself, although its "partners" display such listings because they are metasearch engines and they would have picked up one's submissions elsewhere anyhow.

18 April 2006


Tsection.com is a curious one. It seems to take some submissions but not most -- from the ones we submitted some months ago. Worth watching.


Another free submission site where February 2006 submissions have been ignored so far.


Sites submitted in February have been ignored. Probably a waste of time to submit.

11 April 2006


Submit your web site for free to this directory! - says its link exchange page - I submitted on 1 April 2006 but no sign of acceptance as yet.

Are there any really, truly, unconditionally free submission directories that actually accept your submissions (in a reasonable timeframe)?

A necessary evil in the process of search engine optimisation is to submit one's site to directories. There are many out-of-date lists of free directories that are either not free anymore and/or don't accept any submissions. This blog will attempt to list my experiences with such directories.